Bass Guitar Amplification

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In the world of high-performance bass amps, Ampeg’s SVT amplifiers are in a class by themselves. In true Ampeg tradition, the SVT-4 PRO offers you more power, performance and flexibility than any other bass amplifier in its class.

SVT-4 PRO offers an expansive palette of tonal options. The Frequency control allows you to select the center frequency for the Midrange control, giving you five distinct voicing options for the Midrange. And if that's not enough, you can use the 9-Band Graphic EQ to fine-tune your sound - or use it to set up a footswitchable "second channel" with a volume boost for your bass solo.

SVT-4 PRO is designed for the player who wants SVT tone and performance (with a few modern enhancements) in a convenient, high-powered, rackmount design. With a huge and diverse group of artist endorsements, including Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/King Crimson), Steve Bailey (Bass Extremes), and far too many others to list here, the SVT-4 PRO is a clear favorite among professionals. In the world of high performance bass amps, the Ampeg SVT-4 PRO has what it takes to really define your sound.


The Ampeg SVT-410AV 4 x 10" Cabinet is portable and powerful 4 ohm, 4 x 10" bass speaker cabinet that incorporates four custom made 10" low frequency drivers to deliver deep and defined lows whilst a responsive 1” horn with a cross over of 4kHz provides plenty of pop and crisp high end response. Also featuring a power output of 500 watts RMS, L Pad Horn Attenuator, a tilt back handle bar and 3” casters for easy transportation the SVT-410AV is perfect for medium to large venues providing a full and dynamic tonality across the 48Hz – 18 kHz frequency response whilst the Baltic birch plywood enclosure provides a durable and robust shell ideal for life on the road.


The RB1 is a compact, Kickback styled bass combo housing a custom designed 8" driver but don't let that fool you – it delivers a punchy 15 watts RMS of solid bass tone. The preamp features a powerful three band EQ, an on-board compressor and an internal limiter along with a mini jack headphone socket and the provision of a CD Mini input jack allowing you to connect you media player into the amp and jam along with your favourite tracks.

The RB1 gives you a solid performance suitable for the bedroom, recording or rehearsal.


The RB3 kicks out 65watts RMS of low-end power and its clean ergonomic preamp is packed with everything you need to get a great bass tone. Hi and Normal jack options give you flexibility when it comes to plugging you bass in, a powerful 3 band EQ with a parametric mid gives you great control over your tone.

A carpet covered dual position kick back cabinet features a custom designed 12" driver + HF Horn.

A Richter bass amp is seriously going to increase your bass appeal!


Because the DeltaBass is a lightweight amp, it’s portable enough for any gig or practice. The easy to use three-band EQ is so versatile you should have no problem quickly dialling up your sound. Professional features like a Tuner Send, Post-EQ Effects Loop, and a transformer balanced XLR jack with Pre/Post EQ switch will make your next gig a breeze. The signal for the XLR is tapped before the Volume control (even for the Post EQ Send) so you can adjust your stage volume without tampering with the sound in the mains. This will certainly score some valuable points with your sound man. Power 160w (4 ohms)


The Peavey Tour 450 Bass Amp Head offers tons of power plus extensive tone shaping tools, such as bright and low-cut switches, active high and low shelving controls, a contour control, and a 9-band graphic EQ configured to target critical bass frequencies. Its also includes a Peavey-exclusive sub-harmonic generator with level control and footswitchable bypass that adds a note one octave lower than the original note, creating interesting harmonic textures and a significantly enriched bottom end.